ActiveCampaign Specialist

  • Contract: Part-time

Job Description

Inbound AV is looking for an experienced ActiveCampaign Specialist to join our team. This is a remote, independent contractor role with part-time hours to start, with the possibility of developing into a full-time role in the future.

Under the direction of a Project Manager, you will create, test and deploy emails, automations, lead scoring rules and autoresponders for our clients in the pro audio, musical instrument and video space. You will work closely with a small, remote team to create engaging digital experiences that help our clients meet their business goals.

What you’ll do

  • Build emails in ActiveCampaign
  • Build automations in ActiveCampaign
  • Organize and document customer data, including tags, lists and automations
  • Collaborate with our small team to ensure the best possible results for our clients

Skill Requirements

  • You have email marketing and some level of marketing automation experience, specifically in ActiveCampaign.
  • You crave data, you are fascinated by the customer journey and you believe every email should be as personal and relevant as technology will allow.
  • You have an eye for design; you can work off of vague instructions and create something fabulous, as long as you know the client’s end goal.
  • You habitually add Google Analytics tracking to every email you send.
  • You are comfortable working project management software, Gmail, Google Analytics, Slack and Skype.
  • You pay attention to details.
  • You can adapt to changing priorities.
  • You are a lifelong learner.
  • You are naturally driven to stay ahead of the curve and learn new technologies and techniques.
  • You believe in deadlines, but you also believe in delivering only the highest-quality work. When you see a conflict between the two, you raise your hand and offer a recommendation.

About the Company

Inbound AV evolved from a passion for helping innovative entrepreneurs succeed. We live out that passion by planning and executing inbound marketing programs that generate and nurture sales leads for manufacturers and vendors in the pro audio, music instruments and video space.

We love our work and how we do it. We encourage our team members to find a healthy balance between focused work and fun. That balance benefits our team as well as our clients, who receive incredible, results-oriented service.

Important: Please send your resume along with a cover letter describing your most interesting ActiveCampaign project.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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