Grafana Labs

Backend Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced backend or systems developer to join our Grafana Cloud team.

Our Grafana Cloud pipeline moves millions of datapoints per second from our customer’s environments into a highly available, low-latency stack that processes and stores the data, and serves it to dashboards and alerting tools.

We aim to grow this to hundreds of millions per second, and it’s critical that as we grow, we improve our performance, increase our reliability and do it all more efficiently. This requires a specific breed of engineer.

Simultaneously, we’re extending our product offering and building a similar infrastructure to process log data and tracing events. Many of the key properties here are the same as the metrics infrastructure and require people who can take projects from conception to production.

The Grafana Cloud platform brings in the majority of our revenue, so you have the opportunity to work on some very exciting, mission-critical software at the core of our business.

We have some of the best engineers from the monitoring space working on these problems and they want to work with you.

Our engineers are all remote and we don’t really care where you work from, and while we provide guidance, we need people who can work independently and can communicate well.

We care deeply about open source and the projects generally are open source, though we’re still developing our strategy.

Skill Requirements

  • familiar with any systems programming language like Go, C, C++ or Rust
  • experience with network programming or distributed systems
  • familiar with operations/SRE
  • able to write clean, robust and performant software
  • experience with Git


  • experience with the monitoring space in general (metrics, logging, tracing, observability)
  • familiar with Graphite or Prometheus in particular
  • performance oriented
  • experience with Kubernetes / Kafka / Cassandra / Bigtable / syslog / opentracing or similar technologies.

About the Company

We believe in breaking traditional data boundaries, making metric visualization tools that are more accessible and easy to use across the entire organization. And most importantly, open source. We visualize our company values in a unique way. A form that exists simultaneously as art and message, content and beauty. These pieces of art communicate our values to our employees, our users and our community.

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How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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