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Client Concierge

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description


There are many opportunities for new business around the web through social channels, referral networks, agency relationships and more. You would have the tenacity, industry cunning and drive to create new relationships and generate leads for the pipeline. This role will require a strong desire to spend hours prospecting every day to drum up new leads and get them into our sales pipeline.

Discovery & Sales Calls

Usually we start off the relationship with an initial discovery call as soon as possible. You would be very responsive and get key questions answered on the discovery call to enter in the CRM and aid in assessments and estimations.

Inbound Leads

We frequently have inbound leads contacting us through referrals or marketing efforts. You would be able to quickly and effectively follow up with them, get them into our CRM, handle any necessary discovery calls and assessments, and ultimately usher them through the sales process.

CRM & Pipeline Management

We keep our CRM software running smoothly and the pipeline of leads clean and moving continuously. Within the CRM, you would accurately enter lead information and take detailed notes during sales calls.

Assessments & Estimations

We have a Site Assessment process for determining the issues with a lead’s website and validating the need for our help in a campaign. We also have a Traffic Estimation process which shows the possible opportunities with one of our campaigns. Both of these greatly improve the close rate and confidence in our services as well as which plan the client proceeds with. These assessments and estimations are rather technical in nature and can be taught, but prior depth of understanding in SEO is a major plus.

Campaign Structuring & Strategy

You would be well versed enough in SEO and assessing websites that they can accurately and effectively recommend one of our campaign plans and customize or further structure it to meet the client’s needs. This also requires warning the client about any caveats caused by not performing specific elements of our campaigns such as Technical Audits or Link Development for example.

Contracts & NDAs

We have contracts and NDAs that must be agreed to by certain leads and you have to be comfortable dealing with them and working through the details of agreements.


After clients are ready to begin setting up the proper invoicing structure is critical to ensure the client pays on time and the campaign runs smoothly. Most invoicing is simply automated according to the agreed campaign structure and contract terms. In some cases, specific invoices may need to be setup manually and sent according to a manual schedule as needed.

Kickoff Calls

Once a client agrees and verifies form and time of payment for the first invoice we have a kickoff call so you can discuss the campaign structure and expectations with the Project Manager. You would then hand the client over to the Project Manager to begin the project.

Skill Requirements

We’re looking to add a long-term member to our team. Ideally, you would possess qualities that work well with our company goals, structure and culture. Do you possess the following?

  • Professional experience in SEO campaigns, preferably in consulting clients or working as a part of team consulting and steering SEO efforts.
  • Medium level understanding of content marketing and link development or PR and outreach.
  • Preferably a technically savvy person with a good understanding of technical opportunities for clients that may not be expressly discovered in a rote site assessment
  • Comfortable educating leads through the sales process. This has been largely how we’ve closed business in the past and always helps build trust.
  • Strong understanding of Google Analytics and industry terms such as SEO, CRO, Organic, ROI, KPIs, Bounce Rates, Content Performance, Conversions, Conversion Metrics, Event Tracking and more.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and phone etiquette.
  • Organize your time with an open calendar for sales calls and presentations. Discovery and sales calls should always come first.

About the Company

While growing our clients' revenue we ourselves have been growing as an agency for over 10 years. We've worked with over 150 clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. How do we do it? We focus on finding and keeping the best, most talented people we can find.

How to apply

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