Clojure Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Join a team of Engineers who are forward-thinking, world class and not afraid of cutting-edge technology. They are building and scaling systems that drive our applications and continuously improve our engineering practices. From adopting new frameworks and languages like React and Elixir to implementing machine learning in voice search engines are just some examples of the innovative technology that we use.

Environment consists of Clojure, Elixir, Ruby, and JavaScript, and are investing heavily in React/Redux. Our client is in the process of completing their move to continuous deployment, leverage micro-services, and invest heavily in creating components that are reusable and provide a framework for our portfolio of sites

Skill Requirements

  • You are a pragmatic Software Engineer who is sold on functional programming and enjoys Clojure, but you’ve also used it and the JVM in anger.
  • You’re excited to build backend services of all types, geek our on mentoring and alerting for your apps.
  • You enjoy contributing to open source.
  • You don’t get to use Clojure Script to build a web UI, you’re going to be perfectly happy, but hey, an occasional internal dashboard might be nice.
  • You are looking for an opportunity to work remotely but stay connected to your team.
  • No, not every Clojure service needs core.async
  • Every time you touch existing code, you leave it a little better than you found it
  • You use Clojure alphas/betas in your :dev profile but in production, you run the latest stable
  • You don’t refactor code that doesn’t have test
  • You usually pass map, filter, and other sequence functions just one argument, these days
  • You seek out feedback on your work
  • You give others constructive feedback macros < functions < data < code you shouldn’t have written in the first place

About the Company

Aquesst is an Atlanta based firm that specializes in identifying Information Technology talent for small, medium and fortune 500 companies on a contract, contract to hire, direct hire and project basis. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand that hiring the right individuals for your organization is critical to achieving your business objectives and optimum team performance. Let’s face it, the people you employ define your organization, results and culture. Enabling you to succeed is our success.

Our mission is simple: Build lasting relationships. Deliver superior results. Treat everyone with honesty and integrity.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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