Compliance Manager

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description is looking for a compliance manager to oversee compliance for our credit cards content, and report either in our New York office or work remotely on our distributed team. You’ll be part of a close-knit team of publishers, editors and writers who create remarkable content every day.

We’re looking for someone who can confidently edit articles to keep credit card content correct and updated, track and prioritize compliance requests to meet tight deadlines, and supervise large-scale updates. This is a data and detail-heavy role.

The compliance manager will own everything compliance related, innovating new processes and guidelines that keep us on track to create and maintain an extensive body of credit card content. The compliance manager’s job directly influences client relationships, helping us to maintain and grow successful partnerships.

This position can be a remote position.

Key responsibilities:

Oversee compliance process: You will track all of the compliance requests, completing some updates yourself and assigning out other changes to support staff. You’ll meet tight deadlines to ensure changes are made on time.

Editing articles and updating text: You will action compliance requests by making product updates in our internal database, proofreading individual articles for needed updates, and editing text to bring the article up to date.

QA new and improved articles: As we create and revise content, you’ll copy edit articles for correct phrasing and accuracy, checking that our writers and editors are following the guidelines to publish correct content.

Communicate with partners: You’ll need to keep in contact with our partners to learn about product updates and report back to them when updates have been completed.

Coordinate large-scale updates: Sometimes there are extensive changes to product data. In these cases, you create a plan, divide up responsibilities among support staff, and supervise the project to ensure updates are correct and timely.

Organize and supervise audits: To keep product information up to date, you’ll audit credit card terms and conditions to find instances where details about the cards have been updated. You’ll action these updates by editing our related articles.

Streamline the compliance process: Part of your responsibility is to improve or innovate new processes to remove pain points. You’ll always be on the lookout for new ways we can resolve or prevent issues.

Own all things compliance: You’ll be our credit cards compliance expert. This means you own, update, and maintain the compliance guidelines and train our team of writers and editors to keep them informed of best practices.

Skill Requirements


  • You have some compliance experience, so you feel comfortable tracking upcoming changes, actioning updates and meeting deadlines.
  • You have a background in finance or another highly-regulated industry. You may not have worked specifically with credit cards, but you understand why it is important to keep credit card product information up to date and what that requires.
  • You’re confident at editing. You’re not nervous to quickly rewrite text and make crucial changes. You’re also a shrewd copy editor, able to notice small details and follow a strict style guide.
  • You have strong communication skills. You’re able to communicate with outside partners, maintain great professional relationships and defuse tense situations if necessary. * You maintain a positive team attitude.
  • You are data savvy. Tracking lists of data such as interest rates and fees come easily to you.


  • You have experience working with credit cards or industry knowledge. You know a bit about credit cards or at least it’s a topic that you would be excited to work on.
  • You have WordPress experience. You’ve published content before and you know how to edit content in WordPress.

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How to apply

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