Reify Health

Data Engineer, Architecture-Integration

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

At Reify Health, we are building a more creative healthcare system. We envision a world where every potential therapy, if safe and effective, is available to the patients who can benefit.

Our healthcare system relies on clinical trials to develop new, potentially life-saving treatments for patients. But clinical trials continue to be slow, unpredictable, and expensive. Reify Health’s product helps both the research leaders driving forward clinical trials and the doctors and nurses who care for the patient participants.

As we scale adoption of our product domestically and internationally, we will accelerate world-class clinical research and unlock innovation. By joining our data team, you will support the growth of an empathetic, data-driven culture at Reify and play a key role in developing a novel data architecture and intelligence features.

Your Responsibilities

  • Work with data team to support development and expansion of Reify’s next-generation, cloud-based, Kappa-style data architecture in a functional programming environment using Kafka, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Athena, and other AWS and/or Confluent tooling
  • Support the development and scaling of data ingestion, integration, and export services built on top of Kafka, Kubernetes, and AWS
  • Support the day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, orchestration, and troubleshooting of our data architecture and tooling
  • Use a combination of Clojure, Python, and SQL to support analytics work (statistical modeling, machine learning) and develop/integrate analytics insights into our data products
  • Become intimately familiar with HIPAA, GDPR, and other applicable regulatory/security frameworks and how they influence our architecture and development decisions
  • Rapidly learn new tools, techniques, and languages as we scale and encounter additional data challenges
  • Frequently communicate your results to Head of Data and other stakeholders in clear written, verbal, or presentation form
  • Live our data philosophy, which focuses on ethical decision making, being aware of how biased data (and assumptions) can affect results (and people), and being laser- focused on business needs

Skill Requirements

  • Experience with systems engineering/orchestration and strong ability to understand and work with distributed systems
  • Previous practical experience with AWS, Kafka, and Kubernetes
  • Deep Clojure experience in a data application context
  • Experience with security and regulatory challenges of scaling health data architecture to multiple continents
  • Understanding the nuances of testing in distributed/probabilistic systems
  • Experience with applied statistics, supervised/unsupervised learning techniques
  • Master’s degree or doctorate in related field
  • Relevant published work (academic, blog posts, open-source contributions)
  • Experience in a startup environment (as a remote employee, if you’d like to work remotely)
  • Relevant experience in a healthcare/health-tech company

About the Company

We build products to help clinical researchers accelerate the development of new, life-saving therapies. We put our hearts and souls into everything we build so that people look forward to using our products and love it!

We're grateful to the thousands of clinical research professionals who have used our software solutions to manage their studies since we started our journey in 2012. We’re excited to help many thousands more in the years to come.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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