Design Researcher

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

We are hiring for a design researcher who is able to take the lead on our research efforts and find ways to involve all stakeholders in the design research process.

This position is on our small, but growing, design team, which works closely with our developers and business analysts as part of an iterative design process. Until now, each UI/UX designer on our team has been responsible for doing user testing and research as part of their design work. As any applicant for this position knows though, handling recruitment, testing and compiling of results takes a lot of time! This is complicated by the fact that our entire company is fully remote. As a result, testing has been sporadic and ad-hoc. With that in mind, we’re really looking for someone who can take a leadership role and guide all of our design research efforts at BriteCore as we continue to scale.

Someone who’s a great fit for this position will understand that perfect research methodology is less important than being able to effectively share results and involve teams in the research process. Ultimately, your goal will be to help our product teams make better decisions.

The kind of work we do

BriteCore is essentially a CMS for insurance companies. They use it to manage all aspects of their business, including tracking policies, managing contacts and handling claims.

This means our users typically see our app more as a business tool like Microsoft Word or Google Sheets than a website (even though it is completely a web-based app).

They also are using BriteCore for several hours every day, and are concerned with doing things quickly and efficiently. This, along with the complicated nature of insurance, means we deal with some complex workflows, and try to set ourselves apart from our competitors with a smooth UX that helps them navigate these tough processes.

What you might be doing

  • Create a pool of clients interested in participating in design research
  • Plan, conduct and analyze user testing
  • Potential to travel to client offices around the US to perform contextual inquiry (no more than once a quarter)
  • Work with product teams to get them involved in user research process

Skill Requirements

  • Several years of experience in the field is preferred
  • Familiarity with different types of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Work with Britecore’s design team to perform and scale user research practices
  • Facilitate remote research workshops
  • Effectively communicate key findings across stakeholder groups
  • Stay up to date on latest research best practices and techniques
  • Communicate clearly
  • Welcome feedback and collaboration
  • Be friendly, confident, and patient with others
  • Self-direct
  • Stay up on industry best practices and trends
  • Ability to work regularly for the majority of our regular business day (8-5 US Central Time)

About the Company

At BriteCore, we build gorgeous, scalable, and usable cloud-based insurance software. This is a company where design is deeply valued and has a seat at the table. We have created a team of top performers developing modern systems for the insurance industry. Our team enjoys working together, and takes tremendous pride and ownership in our platform. The environment is progressive – we are building a modular design system for use across all of our products. We love great technology and design and it shows in every aspect of our product. Our team enjoys a flexible, balanced, and stimulating environment. We promote a high quality of life for our employees by allowing them to choose their own schedule and location. Bring creativity, focus, and productivity to your job, and enjoy 40 hour work weeks, flexible paid time off, and remote work.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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