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Digital Account Manager

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Here’s your opportunity to combine your digital marketing experience with your love of creating remarkable client experiences… all while working remotely inside a high-performance remote agency.

Interested in this position? Please read every word below, and if you think we’re a match made in heaven, please apply... we'd love to hear from you.


  • Be the primary point of contact for your clients (we call them investors). Own the relationship
  • Assist in creating the digital strategy for your clients
  • Manage projects internally for your clients, getting things done yourself and most importantly working with others on the team to get the right things done (on time and on budget)
  • Advocate for the client to ensure that we’re not just checking off boxes in a task manager, but instead moving them forward and reaching their objectives (we call this Remarkable ROI)

Note: You’re not responsible to bring in new clients (this is not a sales position). Are you responsible to keep and grow your clients with Remarkable Client Experiences, Remarkable Excellence, and Remarkable ROI.

Note: Our digital marketing projects include both “traditional” digital marketing such as SEO and Content Marketing as well as web design & development projects.

What We’re Looking For (for this particular position)

And in this order…

  • Ability to provide remarkable client experiences (our clients stay with us for years… and this is one of the main reasons why). Followed by….
  • Strong project management skills (aka, the ability to efficiently and effectively get things done yourself and through other people). Followed by…
  • Digital marketing experience (and most importantly, the ability to learn & grow, stay on top of current tends, and focus on results)

Who We’re Not Looking For (for this position)

  • Majority of experience as an Account Manager with Fortune 500 companies as clients. That’s fine and awesome that you have this experience… it’s just not our sweet spot. Our sweet spot is more Inc 500 companies (growing rapidly) rather than Fortune 500.

Skill Requirements


  • You’re busy, we’re busy. If you don’t meet these requirements, please focus on the other fish in the sea. These are indeed requirements.
  • Minimum of 2 years as an Account Manager (where you were responsible for your client’s relationship and success)
  • Minimum of 3 years working inside of an interactive or marketing agency serving external clients
  • Digital Marketing & Web Design Project experience
  • A focus on the details (really… pay close attention to the details if you’d like to get an interview for this position)
  • USA / Canada resident (though fine if you’re traveling internationally as long as you’re a USA or Canadian resident)

If You’re a Good Fit, You Probably

(If these aren’t you, you’re not bad… you’re just not the right fit for this position)

  • Thrive in a small and growing team (

About the Company


SUCCESS agency is a full-service digital marketing and web design and development agency that was founded in 2007. Our team members are devoted to delivering remarkable ROI to every client, and our dedication to results is evident in everything we do, including how we speak. Internally, we refer to our clients as “investors” since they invest their resources into us the same way they would a financial investment. We hold ourselves accountable for ensuring their investment brings a positive return.

WHAT WE DO SUCCESS agency is committed to turning investor challenges into opportunities by solving them in the most efficient, remarkable way. We clean up messes, streamlining processes to make things easier for our investors.

Our web design services focus on building user-centric, beautiful websites that reinforce our investors’ branding and increase their bottom line.

Using the inbound marketing methodology, our marketing services are designed to move high quality leads through the sales funnel while simultaneously growing online brand presence.

We also offer custom application development that assists in streamlining internal systems, without the enterprise-level price tag.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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