Reify Health

Engineering Manager

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

At Reify Health, we are building a more creative healthcare system. We envision a world where every potential therapy, if safe and effective, is available to the patients who can benefit.

Our healthcare system relies on clinical trials to develop new, potentially life-saving treatments for patients. But clinical trials continue to be slow, unpredictable, and expensive. Reify Health’s product helps both the research leaders driving forward clinical trials and the doctors and nurses who care for the patient participants.

As we continue scaling the adoption of our product, we accelerate world-class clinical research and unlock innovation. By joining our team, you will play a significant role in our growing engineering team, further establishing our foundation for a culture of impact and empathy.

Your Responsibilities

  • Run and improve on product engineering processes including sprint planning, training and timely delivery of product -- in collaboration with engineering leaders
  • Work with product, design, data and customer teams to develop new initiatives and improve existing product engineering processes.
  • Foster a healthy and collaborative culture that embodies our team values e.g. Bro-Free Zone and thoughtfulness.
  • Manage engineering team health through retros, one-on-ones and other feedback meetings.
  • Help grow and develop a team of talented and motivated engineers.

Skill Requirements

  • Engineering management experience with a strong record of shipping product with Agile processes.
  • Experienced product engineer that knows which product engineering processes work well and don't work.
  • Experience working remotely. The engineering team is a distributed one with remote-first processes.
  • Experience working in a startup and with engineering teams of 10-40 people.
  • Enjoy mentorship, talking to people and growing teams.
  • Experience or strong interest in healthcare products.
  • Strong technical discipline with a good dose of people skills.
  • Interest in working with teams that use functional programming languages. We primarily use Clojure(Script).

About the Company

We build products to help clinical researchers accelerate the development of new, life-saving therapies. We put our hearts and souls into everything we build so that people look forward to using our products and love it!

We're grateful to the thousands of clinical research professionals who have used our software solutions to manage their studies since we started our journey in 2012. We’re excited to help many thousands more in the years to come.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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