Front End Javascript Developer

  • Contract: Freelance

Job Description

DataStax is looking for an experienced front-end JavaScript developer to join us in changing the way developers interact with Cloud databases. You’ll be joining a small team of Engineers working on building prototypes of new product ideas using cutting-edge, emerging technologies.

What you’ll be doing

  • Helping us to design and refine the user interface of prototypes for new product ideas
  • Contributing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code (using libraries like React, Mobx, Redux, Apollo, etc.) to new and existing prototypes
  • Design and implement GraphQL APIs for the user interfaces to talk to (typically using Node.js on the server-side)
  • Share your opinions and help shape the direction of product ideas that may be used by hundreds or thousands of your developer peers

Skill Requirements

  • 5+ years of front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development
  • Experience building UIs with React and related state libraries like Redux or Mobx
  • Experience with modern JavaScript tool chains like Yarn, Webpack, Babel, etc.
  • Experience building and/or interacting with GraphQL APIs
  • Experience working in a Lean or Agile development environment

Nice to have

  • Experience with Node.js and back-end JavaScript or other back-end development experience
  • Experience working with databases, both traditional RDBMS or NoSQL

About the Company

The world is changing at a rate we could never have imagined. Today’s digitally empowered and geographically distributed customers are radically connected, hyper-informed and always-on. To survive and thrive in this customer-centric, data-driven economy, businesses need to rethink the technology infrastructure on which they are building and deploying mission critical cloud applications and move to a modern, distributed database platform. In doing so, businesses are able to make data the centerpiece of their organization, build real-time value at epic scale and transform into an Internet giant.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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