Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

  • Write code and lead projects that span the entire software stack, including prototyping, rich front-end apps, APIs, high-performance back-end applications, database design, and cloud architecture.
  • Create and contribute to open source projects that share MoveOn’s innovations with the larger developer community.
  • Research and adopt new technologies and programming languages to improve our work.
  • Contribute to software architecture discussions and decisions.
  • Come up with ideas for new innovative distributed-organizing applications.
  • Learn, grow, and succeed in your career.

Skill Requirements

  • Fluent in at least one front-end programming language and web development platform, and at least one back-end programming language and web development platform.
  • Interested in learning and diving into new languages, tools, and frameworks.
  • Familiar with agile software development methodologies.
  • Curious, fearless learner and problem solver.
  • A determined, thorough, and relentless finisher, able to reliably drive tasks and projects from idea to completion, production, scaling, and beyond.
  • Ability to be effective in an organization whose staff all work remotely.

Full-time • Starts ASAP and ends Nov 30 • Competitive pay • Excellent benefits

About the Company

Our country is in a crisis, and stakes in 2018 couldn’t be higher. Since Donald Trump took office, MoveOn members have been a pillar of the resistance to the radical policies coming out of Congress and the White House. In this election, MoveOn will mobilize a grassroots wave to take back our government and create a nation where all can thrive on marked by justice, sustainability, economic security, peace, and mutual care

MoveOn.org’s Resist & Win 2018 election program centers on recruiting, training, and supporting hundreds of volunteer leaders in more than 100 congressional districts to mobilize thousands of volunteers to join them in strategic movement building and voter engagement action paired with the power of our cutting-edge Video Lab, Analytics, Technology, and Digital Campaigning teams.

We are determined to make the 2018 elections a turning point, helping Democrats win the U.S. House to create a roadblock to Trump and Republicans’ ability to advance their toxic agenda, while building the movement for racial, economic, immigrant, and climate justice, and electing new progressive champions who can help lead our country to a better future in races down ballot across the country.

With millions of members nationwide and a 20-year track record of winning electoral and progressive issue campaigns and breaking new digital and field organizing ground, MoveOn is uniquely suited to power the progressive wave it will take to win back control of the House in 2018 and strengthen our collective movement.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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