Acuity Scheduling, Inc.

Head of People Operations

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Hi there,

I'm Gavin, founder and CEO at Acuity Scheduling.

I’m proud to say we’ve been helping small businesses manage their appointments for 11 years now. In that time, we’ve grown. What started with me pecking away at a keyboard all by my lonesome has turned into a company with nearly 40 employees scattered around the globe. And we’re continuing to grow at a healthy pace.

But I need your help.

We've been able to build a completely remote company with a phenomenal culture and happy employees. And I want Acuity to stay that way. It is deeply important to me that our people are happy — more important to me than just raking in profits. But people aren't my forte. And, as we grow, I'm being pulled in many different directions. So we need someone like you to work full-time to maintain our happiness.

Can you help us to continue to grow and to enjoy our jobs more?

Skill Requirements

Here's some of what you'll be expected to do:

  • Think of new ways to delight remote employees
  • Oversee our benefits and manage them in conjunction with Justworks (our PEO)
  • Help ensure job postings and interviews are fair and inclusive
  • Make sure new employees feel supported even before they start
  • Work with other folks to organize company retreats
  • Find ways to keep the pulse of employee morale
  • Keep me informed of issues so we can solve them together
  • You're all about ethics, and you want to be sure we're always on the right side of employment laws

Experience in these areas will help:

  • You've helped other managers get better at their jobs
  • You know your way around insurance (PPO, HMO, and POS are more than just letters slurped from your alphabet soup)
  • Extending job offers is something you can do in your sleep
  • You've helped terminate enough people to know how painful it can be, as well as what to do in advance to avoid surprises

About the Company

Acuity now supports over 50,000 businesses and major corporations (many of which we’re honored to say you’re familiar with) and has had a (digital!) hand in helping to schedule millions of appointments and scheduling logistics worldwide. (Time zones are no match for our technology!)

This Big Apple lovin’ team is on one really big mission: To not only be the best dang online scheduler ever now (official title), but remain it for a veryyyyyyy long time to come.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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