Humbly Confident Full-Time Support Rep

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Our full-time reps spend 30 hours each week answering emails or working in chat support, and 10 hours working on projects, in meetings, and improving their craft. This averages out to 6 hours working with customers, and 2 hours of additional tasks each day. You always know your schedule, because it’s consistent week after week. Let’s say you work Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm – 8pm ET. It’s Wednesday, and you’ve opened your laptop to start your shift. You clock in and spend a few minutes catching up on just the important updates since yesterday (there’s a Slack channel for that).

It’s the first day of the month, so the queue is busier than usual, but expected. To warm up, you hop into a couple of the newest emails. It’s an opportunity to really make someone’s day by getting a response within moments of writing in.

Then, you head to the back of the queue and pick up a couple of the oldest ones. You’re often surprised by the complexity of questions you see, but you’re excited for the challenge each one brings. And you know you can skip the ones beyond your knowledge level, and come back to and review them during your 10 hours of development time each week. They may be above your knowledge level now, but in a few short months you’ll be answering them with ease. In fact, you'll probably become an expert in one particular area and others will look to you for help.

Today you have your weekly one-to-one with your manager, so you hop on a video call and talk about your metrics, craft goals, and bring up some ideas you have on how to better organize our internal help docs.

After a productive meeting, you wrap up a few conversations, then spend the last hour of your shift outside of the queue. There are a couple new internal knowledge articles on your reading list, and you’re planning to share a post in the #cs_grow channel about a few lessons you learned recently about tone matching.

Before you know it, it’s time to fill out your quick Daily Reflection and clock out!

Skill Requirements

  • You have at least 2 years experience in an email, chat, or phone support role (required).
  • You’ll be able to send at least 10 replies per hour.
  • You could flawlessly juggle three live chat conversations at a time.
  • You can commit to 40 hours per week, with one shift on Saturday or Sunday
  • You value excellence and continuous improvement. At the same time.
  • You understand how every support response is an expression of the YNAB culture and brand.
  • Other people consider you a stellar communicator.
  • You love making people happy.
  • People thank you when you deliver difficult news. You’re that good.
  • You enjoy trying things you haven’t ever done before.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask questions.
  • You are wildly productive and independent, but a team-player at heart.

Bonus Points:

  • You already use and love YNAB.
  • You have experience working remotely

About the Company

We build the best budgeting software around, YNAB or You Need a Budget if you have a lot of extra time on your hands. For more than a decade, people have been using YNAB and then telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. (Google us, or read some of our reviews on the App Store, and you’ll see what we mean.) We love building something that has a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

We’re profitable, bootstrapped, and growing. YNAB started in 2004, and we haven’t taken any outside funding—we’re in it for the long haul.

We have one overarching requirement when it comes to joining our team: our Cultural Manifesto has to really click with you. If you’re nodding emphatically while reading it, you’ll probably fit right in, in which case, we can’t wait to hear from you!

First, let’s talk about life at YNAB, and then we’ll go into detail about what we’re looking for.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the following link.

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