Integration Developer (WooCommerce)

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

TaxJar’s remote-only team of 40 people is growing quickly. We have an immediate opening for a WooCommerce Developer to help build, maintain, and support our popular sales tax plugin used by thousands of WooCommerce merchants.

We want you to join our growing platform integrations team to help build out the next generation of our WooCommerce plugin. The platform integrations team at TaxJar works directly with merchants, agencies, and partners to solve their business problems and devise clever solutions to accommodate the ever-increasing complexity of sales tax. Most of our integrations are built completely in-house to provide the best possible customer experience and unparalleled support. We bring new TaxJar features and improvements directly to eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce via our API. As our ecosystem rapidly expands, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about many eCommerce platforms and create new integrations from scratch.

*This is a full-time remote position available to folks located in the US.

As an Integration Developer at TaxJar (specializing in WooCommerce) you will

  • Build out exciting new features in our WooCommerce sales tax plugin
  • Become a lead maintainer of our repo on GitHub and solve customer issues
  • Write strong, well-tested, scalable PHP code daily
  • Improve onboarding and UX for Woo merchants
  • Improve plugin performance for high volume stores
  • Be challenged to solve new problems
  • Review and test your teammates pull requests
  • Contribute to and maintain our existing WooCommerce tests
  • Learn new eCommerce platforms and assist with development
  • Help maintain our PHP sales tax API client with new features
  • Assist the customer success team with highly technical issues
  • Spend time working the customer success inbox. Our employees, even the CEO, spend time doing this - we’re all in it together.

Skill Requirements

  • Extensive experience with WooCommerce & WordPress development
  • Ability to write clear and accurate tests using PHPUnit
  • Write code that is maintainable, readable, and follows WP standards / best practices
  • Well-versed in using WooCommerce & WordPress
  • Be accountable for the code you deliver to production
  • Manage development tasks from assignment through to production
  • Agile, humble, trustworthy, and a team player
  • Rapid learner who thrives in a fast-paced and demanding environment
  • Passion for building simple and intuitive solutions for complex problems in eCommerce
  • Excel at communicating with the team remotely (chat, video, email, etc)

You’ll be a great fit on our team if you

  • Only want to work remotely
  • Are a PRO at communicating and collaboration
  • Highly value working with people you like and respect
  • Are accountable
  • Are confident in your skills and a solid team player (We’re peers here, no egos please) but also comfortable working asynchronously
  • Hungry to play an impactful role and not afraid to fail

About the Company

About TaxJar TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 10,000 businesses. We were founded to help eCommerce merchants and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love.

Who we are We’re a distributed team that knows first-hand the sales tax challenges we’re working to resolve. We're lean, but experienced. We've started our own businesses, sold successful companies (a few in the tax and accounting space), been part of IPOs, worked at Fortune 500s and have even resold hundreds of designer shoes on eBay from the garage. We get it. Sales tax isn't fun and that's why we made TaxJar.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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