DEO - Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

Online Community Manager

  • Contract: Part-time

Job Description

  • Track and monitor community performance and engagement
  • Advocates for members and their interests
  • Driving conversations and engagement and get members answers they need
  • Working on community strategy with the CEO and executive team
  • Facilitate building tools and content the members ask for
  • Managing and creating email campaigns, newsletters, and editorial content
  • Responds to member comments, questions and concerns in a timely manner
  • Organize and participate in events that build the community
  • Responding to inbound emails
  • Build relationships with members, potential members, industry professional, media, etc
  • Implements open policy to keep company and community informed
  • Tracks community matters/issues/involvement, etc and prepares reports for company
  • Ensures event attendance
  • Spearhead special projects like creating an onboarding program
  • Understanding it isn’t a 9 to 5 job, position will involve some evening hours, maybe weekend. Responding timely to members outside of traditional working hours

Note: There will be no marketing or social media aspect to this position, although we do have multiple facebook groups that the Community Manager will run

Skill Requirements

  • Empathy and relationship builder
  • Understand how to connect people
  • Project management and understanding metrics
  • Tech savvy, stays up to date with digital trends
  • Oral and written communication skills to be able to develop engaging content as well as be relatable and understanding in member interactions
  • People person with great customer service skills, ability to moderate both online and in person (directly with members)

About the Company

The DEO Is A Peer-To-Peer Community Of Growth-Minded Dentist Entrepreneurs Working Toward Expanding Their Group Practices.

The Goal: Grow Your Group Practice

Our goal is simple: To help you create your vision and make it a reality. To give you the resources and knowledge you need. The ultimate goal: more success. Each group is designed so that members help each other improve their dental group businesses and their lives. The Promise of participating in a DEO group is that you will become a powerful corporate leader, a more effective senior executive and an influential director of a for-profit board.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the following link.

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