Product Designer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Hi, I’m Brian, Director of Product at,

I’d first like to introduce you to Fly, our current design system. We’ve reached a point where Fly is struggling to scale and hiring you is the piece of the puzzle we need to invest in leveling it up. I’m looking for someone to join our product team and be the vanguard of this effort!

Our product work is done by squads: small groups of product managers, engineers, and designers like you, focused on solving a customer problem. In addition to wrangling our design system, you'll also be an integral part of a squad, helping to define and design the user experience.

The work you do here will raise the bar for the everyday communications we all receive. It drives us crazy when we get useless emails and notifications that feel like spam from companies we admire. Despite how poorly some companies communicate, we don’t think marketers are bad people. In fact, we believe they care about their customers, don’t want to waste their time, and simply don’t have the tools to do better. At we’re on a mission to give our customers the superpower of sending and tracking great email, SMSes and push notifications.

Our customers are marketers, growth hackers, and engineers who are always dreaming up fresh ideas for how to be genuine and personal in their messages to customers. We help businesses send relevant messages based on what people do or don’t do when using a web or mobile app.

Sound like the next step in your career? Read on and apply!

P.S. Identify more as a UX Designer? UX Engineer? Don’t worry about it - let us know if you think this is the place for you.

What will you be doing?

  • Taking over Fly, the component library we use to construct our app in close partnership with our front-end engineers and your fellow designers. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and take ownership of improving it.
  • Standardize and document these modular components, so the entire team knows how, where, and why to use them
  • Own UI and UX design for product features while partnering with engineering throughout the creation process
  • Use both data and customer research to validating your designs and refine concepts for new feature
  • Separate trend from truth when it comes to design systems -- meaningfully leverage best practices, but don't be afraid to ignore the buzzwords and forge a path (and a Medium post) yourself!

You’ll be working with...

  • Ivana, Sr UI/UX designer, to take features from concept to! Together, you’ll collaborate on distilling user feedback into user goals, wireframes, visual designs, prototypes -- whatever the team needs to make our customers’ lives easier.
  • Kieran, Sr Product Designer, who will be your visual design partner as you corral our design system and take it to the next level.
  • Brian, our Director of Product, to figure out what we need to build next for our customers. With Brian you’ll focus a lot on customer problems and outcomes in order to cultivate an iterative design-driven team culture. Brian joined last year from Adobe, where he spent years building products for designers.
  • A team of front-end engineers with a passion for design and usability. They’ll be close partners: you’ll laugh together, you’ll cry together, you’ll do the best work of your lives together.

Skill Requirements

What will you bring to the table? You’re a natural systems thinker and that’s exactly what makes you a great designer. Grids, modules, and typographic scale are your paintbrush. You see nonstandard, one-off interfaces as a rough design critique. You enjoy applying your systems in service of customer needs just as much as you enjoying crafting those systems.

Your north star is making a design system and user experience harmonize perfectly. You realize it’s not just about a pattern library, it’s about constraining the ways the patterns can be assembled so they accelerate the both process of designing a product and empowering its user.

You’re hungry to learn, and you love to understand how things work under the hood. You thrive in technical conversations with engineers where you need to balance constraints with design goals.

You’re scrappy and self-directed when it comes to problem-solving and working on multiple projects at once. You’re looking to work with a startup where you’ll be responsible for the impact you make and have a lot of freedom. Working with folks in different time zones will be standard issue for you around here, so being able to stay determined, even when the answers aren’t in front of you, is essential.

You are a proactive communicator. You strive to be articulate and empathetic in your interactions and believe in “working out loud” to share work early and helpfully. This might mean writing out your questions for the team, jumping on a quick call to clarify feature requirements, or building wireframes after documenting your assumptions.

Bonus! Not a requirement, but shout about it if you have experience with...

  • Writing the HTML, CSS, and JS for the design system you create
  • Marketing Technology and/or SaaS Companies

About the Company

Most experiences you have with companies in the world are horrible. When is the last time you felt passionate about your power company, or your mobile phone provider?

That's not the world that we (and hopefully you) want to live in.

Let us help you grow happy customers. With you'll see that happy customers come from genuine, relevant interactions with you. Happy customers care about your company. Happy customers are happy to pay you. And happy customers tell their friends.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the following link.

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