Product Marketing Evangelist

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

The Product Marketing Evangelist is the center of knowledge about the Database World at Severalnines and a technical expert within the Marketing team. They keep tabs on what is going on in the space and converts that information into requirements for building new or improving existing functions inside Severalnines product offerings. This individual acts as the face of Severalnines publically and the representative of the customer internally.

Roles & Responsibilities

Database Market Expertise & Market Research

  • Understands, at a deep level, the needs and desires of those in the market
  • Understands the ways of deploying, managing, monitoring, and scaling databases using various methods including; manual methods, orchestration, third-party tools, automation programs, etc
  • Knows the major players in the market and their primary business strategies
  • Is a member of and participant of online communities & forums in the technology space
  • Maintains Competitive Analysis summaries and reports
  • Monitoring industry news and passes on relevant information to Severalnines employees

Product Business Analyst

  • Collaborate with product development, marketing communications, and sales department to develop product positioning and messaging that resonates with our target buyer personas.
  • Takes market trend information and makes recommendations on how functionalities to improve or include in Severalnines products
  • Crafts detailed user stories based on knowledge of the products in the market and understands the different ways tasks are performed.
  • Contributes to User Personas evolution for existing and new products

Content Writing & Presentation

  • Assist in the development the Severalnines content strategy to ensure that we are attracting the right type of users for our products
  • Write original content for Severalnines that aligns with the strategy
  • Assist with technical content editing
  • Represents Severalnines both online and at events as needed
  • Act as an Assistant Severalnines technical content editor, reviewing content from our internal & guest writers as needed
  • Help with writing and reviewing content for the product sections of Severalnines’ web properties
  • Assists the VP of Marketing with other technical information as it relates to the overall Marketing strategy and help understand trends in the marketplace.

Skill Requirements

Required Skills

  • Writes & Speaks English fluently
  • Comfortable speaking publicly
  • Strategic-minded, able to interpret data and turn it into plans

Previous Work Requirements

  • Has worked at least five years in a senior SysAdmin, DevOps, or DBA role on mission-critical applications
  • Has held roles with a strategic, rather than tactical focus
  • Ideal candidate would have previous experience writing requirements for IT software
  • Ideal candidate would have previous experience presenting at conferences and crafting content related to it
  • Ideal candidate would have previous experience editing content

Educational Requirements

  • College degree in IT, Computer Science, Data Management or Relevant Experience
  • Ideal candidate will have technical certifications in technologies on or related to open source databases

About the Company

The Severalnines team members, mostly ex-MySQL AB staff, have dedicated over a decade of their careers helping telcos and high traffic web properties deploy high availability database clusters. Today there are a number of companies claiming to have invented the perfect database clustering solution that can address all types of database requirements. At Severalnines, we have not seen one solution that fits all database problems. But deploying multiple disparate clustering technologies can become a nightmare, with downloaded or home grown scripts combined to create a patchwork solution for monitoring and managing the database infrastructure.

Severalnines is the only one out there giving users a choice of clustering solution, with tools to deploy and manage their databases from a single and consolidated interface. Severalnines tools are easy to use, and have already enabled over 12,000 deployments.

How to apply

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