Smart Wires

Project Coordinator

  • Contract: Freelance

Job Description

The Position:

We are looking to add two more remote Project Coordinators to our team. Our current thinking is that one of these will be a dedicated full time resource working 30 – 40 hours per week. The other may work on part time basis with the potential to migrate to full time status based on how much they enjoy working with the company and whether we have enough volume of work that fits well with this person’s key skill set.

These roles will be personally responsible for managing many of our team’s most important tasks, coordinating with people at all levels of the organization to allow for better utilization of the entire team. The dynamic candidate we seek will be sharp, strategic, organized, detail-oriented, flexible, creative, serious (but still able to laugh at themselves…), committed, and passionate about their work.

The ideal candidate possesses superior communication skills, is a strong team player who enjoys working with all levels of staff, and is prepared to roll their sleeves up and dig in on a new task every day. Some of the tasks you are likely to tackle in your first six months include:

  • Performing research on a variety of topics from customer bios and market trends to office equipment evaluations
  • Creating, collating, and presenting valuable insights in MS PowerPoint and Excel
  • Organizing and preparing necessary materials for stakeholder meetings
  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings and appointments for a variety of projects
  • Providing administrative support as needed
  • Ensuring projects adhere to designed frameworks and that we have proper documentation on the most critical elements of each key project
  • Smart Wires is looking for the Project Coordinator to become another indispensable and highly recognized company superstar. If you can do all of the aforementioned things, this one should be straightforward. We want someone who will master these and other tasks in just a few months and then we want them asking, “What else can I do to contribute?” And that’s when the real fun begins…

Skill Requirements

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is an excellent communicator with fantastic interpersonal skills
  • Can effectively conduct online research and produce quality / professional work with limited supervision
  • Has the ability to work efficiently and comfortably on multiple projects / tasks concurrently
  • Can work effectively with a variety of different people at all levels
  • Has the ability to problem solve independently and synthesize information from various sources
  • Has reasonably strong fluency with Microsoft office, specifically PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Appreciates the value of learning from unusually bright and passionate coworkers and supervisors that are committed to rapid professional development

About the Company

Smart Wires ( has developed an innovative technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of today’s power grid. Driven by a world-class leadership team, Smart Wires works with utilities globally to address the unique challenges of the rapidly evolving electric system. We deploy our revolutionary technologies to “re-route power” around overloaded lines and address the most serious problems challenging our transmission system. Our solutions offer a superior value proposition to all other solutions that a utility will consider and represent a complete paradigm shift for utilities that are finding it very difficult to build new lines in a world with so much uncertainty around the future needs of the grid. These utilities recognize that their grids are running with concerning levels of inefficiency today and are under immense pressure to “get more out of their existing grids”, which is why Smart Wires has accumulated a true “Who’s Who” list of customers and forced the entire industry to take notice of this revolutionary technology solution.

How to apply

If you have been reading closely, you wouldn’t expect a typical recruiting process. And, we’d hate to disappoint you. To begin our rather unique recruiting process, please submit an application addressing each of the items listed below. Please note that your application MUST specifically address each item listed. We will print all applications received so please make sure the document you provide is only 1-page in length, no less than 12pt font, is clean and legible, and in pdf format.

  • Name / Email / City / Country
  • Monthly earnings target
  • Hours available per week
  • Why is working from home an ideal situation for you? (This one is important, so you may want to provide at least a couple well thought-out sentences)
  • Total time spent working in PowerPoint to date?
  • Just tell us which best describes your experience level:
  • Inexperienced: Less than 25 hours of total time in PowerPoint
  • Capable: Have spent between 25 and 100 hours creating and editing documents
  • Experienced: Greater than 100 hours
  • Highest education level achieved and a brief overview of how your teachers would have described you

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