Renowned & Co

Public Relations and Content Manager

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description


As a Public Relations and Content Manager, you will be responsible for crafting and distributing the story behind the projects we manage. It will be your responsibility to explain to the world what makes our projects different. Typical tasks include the following…

  • Collaborating with clients and team members on PR ideas.
  • Writing press releases, blog posts and project summaries.
  • Contacting journalists, bloggers and cryptocurrency influencers about our projects.
  • Distributing content via social media channels.
  • Updating the CEO of Renowned & Co on the status of campaigns.
  • Reporting the results of public relations initiatives to clients.

Working Environment:

  • We work in a fast paced, rapidly changing industry. You must be mentally flexible.
  • We are a distributed team that primarily communicates with our clients and partners via Telegram (online chat), email and video. You should be comfortable using these tools.

We offer a bonus scheme to all employees based on the success of our clients.

Skill Requirements

  • Passionate (maybe even a little crazy) about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Maybe you’ve contributed to an ICO, bought cryptocurrency or lurk on crypto forums and news sites.
  • Excellent written and spoken English. Comfortable speaking English on the phone or over video to clients.
  • Experience writing and distributing press releases and blog posts.
  • Experience with client management. You know how to anticipate a client’s needs and solve problems before they arise. When you fail to see a problem ahead of time, you are quick to find a solution and defuse a negative situation.
  • European timezone or Eastern standard timezone.
  • Available to start soon.
  • Part-time position (10-20 hours per week).

About the Company

Renowned & Co is a leading online marketing consultancy for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. We specialise in helping teams market their token sales (also known as initial coin offerings). Our clients include Hdac, Sharpe Capital, Cardstack, Databroker DAO and others. We have helped our clients raise tens of millions of dollars.

We are a startup that is growing extremely fast from our founding in late 2017. More projects want to work with us than we have capacity to manage. We’ve been profitable from day one.

Renowned & Co is a partner and spinout company of AmaZix, the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency community management consultancy. AmaZix has worked on some of the most successful token sales in history including Bancor, BANKEX and Hdac.

How to apply

Email with the email subject "Public Relations Manager". Include your CV/Resumé, explain why you would do an awesome job in this role.

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