Security Production Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Reporting to the Vice President of Product Engineering, the Security Production Engineer is responsible for playing a critical role in effectively building, maintaining and improving the security of our systems, platform, and infrastructure deployed in AWS and in On Premise security appliances. This role is responsible for the development and deployment of tools and processes that for securely managing environments used by Cofense Simulator, Triage, and other SaaS and Managed Service offerings. This position is also responsible for working with other security-focused engineers, production engineers, and software engineers to manage traditional systems and network security tools such as web application firewalls, DDoS service, HIDS while working to integrate security into dynamic cloud environments that leverage AWS services and Docker. This role has the opportunity to influence and design current strategies and procedures for securing our environments. You will directly influence the application configuration, deployment process of our application and create tools to improve our processes, monitoring and application infrastructure to implement a SecDevOps approach that is integrated into the deployment pipelines, continuous, and low-friction where security cannot be a blocker.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Work across multiple production engineering and development teams to establish, enforce, and socialize security practices and procedures in the building of environments and deployment of code
  • Implement, configure, and manage of security tooling for hosts and applications and cloud services
  • Perform vulnerability identification and remediation including patch management for systems and networks
  • Objectively assess risks based on business critical of system and data assets
  • Manage and monitor AWS account security including best practices, security groups, user access
  • Manage and configure of security tooling such as web application firewall, HIDS, VPNs.
  • Manage of user access, roles, and permissions to critical services
  • Harden systems and cloud infrastructure according to industry best practices such as CIS
  • Implement security controls to address compliance requirements such as SOC2, ISO, HIPPA, and GDPR.
  • Cross-team work with the various product offerings within Cofense
  • Provide support to Sales Engineering in developing responses to RFP/RFQs
  • Other duties as assigned

The above statements are neither intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be a listing of all of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. This job description is not a contract of employment, either express or implied. Employment with Cofense will be voluntarily entered into and your employment is considered at will. Cofense reserves the right to alter the job description at any time without notice.

Skill Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Solid knowledge of Enterprise security fundamentals and how they must to be adapted DevOps/Cloud Environments
  • Ability to analyze security event and vulnerability findings from disparate sources (network, application, operating system, etc.) using a variety of manual and automated tools and processes
  • Comfortable with a fast-moving development pace where security cannot be a blocker
  • Knowledge of AWS Cloud Infrastructure (EC2, VPC, ELB, RDS) and security technology (security groups, CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, CloudWatch)
  • Familiarity with automated configuration management such as Puppet, Chef, or Ansible
  • Strong Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu) background with experience working in large AWS deployments
  • A strong interest in the field of information security principles
  • Docker CLI familiarity and knowledge of repositories and container management preferred
  • Familiarity with Jenkins, Git, Artifactory preferred

Education and/or Experience:

  • Past experience working as part of distributed, remote-first team preferred
  • Experience managing and building virtual appliances preferred
  • Python or Ruby development background preferred
  • Experience automating tasks in AWS using CloudFormation or Terraform preferred
  • Experience automating AWS tasks with Lambda Functions preferred
  • Experience Non-AWS Cloud providers such Azure or GCE preferred
  • Experience with Signal Sciences, JumpCloud, Jenkins, OSSEC HIDS and Zscaler preferred


  • US Telecommute

About the Company

In 2008, PhishMe was launched and fulfilled our vision of leveraging the everyday employee in the fight against phishing. After all, it’s the employee being targeted. Fast forward to today and we now have a full suite of phishing defense solutions and a new name that represents our focus on building an organization-wide collaborative, collective defense. Cofense.

Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. With Cofense, you can disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches. Imagine a time when every user becomes an instinctual node on the network, feeding actionable intelligence to security teams. Where technology and users alike work together, creating a cycle of unparalleled vigilance and response. And where unmatched human aptitude meets the speed and orchestration of technology to find and eliminate threats.

This is the new state of collective defense – cyber security purpose-built to crash test every email. Designed to anticipate and disrupt the attack kill chain at delivery, triggering enterprise-wide detection and security automation and orchestration.

Today this is all made real for thousands of businesses around the world, from the global 2,000 to small and medium enterprises, representing all industries and verticals. Led by a team of pioneering cybersecurity experts, Cofense sharpens your organization’s aptitude for detection and delivers unprecedented engagement, response, and mitigation.

Move from one to many. Discover a new paradigm of cohesion and cooperation. With Cofense, you experience the power of the collective.

How to apply

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