Senior Front End Developer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

We’re looking for a great frontend developer to join our team. Today, all we have is a simple landing page. A key part of our future growth is building a full-fledged and fully featured online store that lets our customers choose their photos and design and order Mixtiles.

What will you do?

You’ll build our web storefront from scratch. But it won’t be just a simple e-commerce website. We’re building a wall design studio. We want to use Machine Learning to help our customers choose their best photos. We want to connect to various cloud services to help our customers pull photos from everywhere. We want to open a marketplace for artists and photographers to sell their work on Mixtiles. We also have tons of marketing-related projects, like making our referral program better and thinking of smart ways to increase the number of customers that buy Mixtiles again and again and again.

Your work will be at the core of what the company is doing. have an immense impact on the company’s bottom line, and millions of people will see your code.

Skill Requirements

Who should you be?

We’re looking for an experienced React/Vue Developer that can take our website to the next level. We think the right person should have five years of software development (front-end web development) experience with at least two years React and/or significant experience with Vue.

Startups are a unique environment, so we’re looking for someone that has at least two years of startup experience. Great social skills are essential; people should love talking to you. We also look for people with a sense of ownership, a sense of pride in their craft, and a passion for creating great user interfaces.

About the Company

We’re a fully remote company. We don’t have a central office, and we all work from home or a shared office space of our choice. Working from home allows us to live a better life, and we think it’s also more productive. It isn’t for everyone, but we think it is for a lot of people. And we’ve noticed that people who like it, really like it.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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