Senior PHP Developer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description


Sucuri is looking for a senior PHP Developer to join our R&D (Research and Development) team. You need to be able to write clean and secure PHP code and have previous development experience or open source projects to show.

As a PHP developer you will be working on the dashboard for our products and interacting side-by-side with our designers and other engineers.

This is a full-time and remote salaried position for a candidate who is comfortable with telecommuting.

Sucuri R&D:

The Sucuri R&D (Research and Development) team is responsible for building and maintaining our suite of security products, this includes our web site scanning engines, malware detection and clean up solutions, along with our website firewall and backups. Additionally, this includes external facing products like our blogs and website.

This is a high pace environment, one in which you would be pushing code live every day. Unlike most development shops where you likely have a rigid work flow and release process, ours is very lean and quick. Our environment is comprised of various languages but emphasis in PHP is a must.

The ability to adapt to any language will be quickly evident when working within our environment.

Skill Requirements

Technical Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of development experience
  • Strong knowledge of object oriented PHP
  • Experience with code testing (PHPUnit)
  • Experience with version control tools
  • Good understanding of the web architecture

Nice to Have:

  • Familiar with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript)
  • Familiar with Linux environments
  • Familiar with any of the most popular PHP frameworks
  • Familiar with MySQL databases

Soft Requirements:

  • Passion
  • You have high standards and want to make a difference with your work.
  • You’re ready to take on just about anything – and figure things out one way or another.
  • You work well in a small team and you can convey your brilliant opinions and well-reasoned arguments without needing to have the final say.
  • You are able to work independently with little oversight
  • You have a good sense of humor

About the Company

The vision and leadership of the founders enabled Sucuri to become the most recommended website security service among web professionals. Since 2008, our globally-distributed team has ceaselessly innovated with one goal in mind - to make websites safer and faster in a world of emerging threats.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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