Software Development Consultant

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Looking for an engineering minded individual with a past software development, DevOps, and/or automation experience. An interest in security a plus. Individual open to collaborating as a team member while also able to focus – at times troubleshoot – independently on a variety of technologies, products, and solutions. If you are someone that would get bored doing the same thing often, then this is the opportunity for you! Opportunities to design solutions, develop, integrate, and work directly with internal and external stakeholders.

Skill Requirements


  • Advanced experience with scripting languages (Preferred: Ruby, Python)
  • Past experience with compiled languages, enough to be dangerous! (Eg: Java, Go)
  • Read, Analyze, troubleshoot your own code and at times others
  • Ability to take existing code (sometimes not pretty), understand it, modify it, test it.
  • Experience reading and writing SQL Queries - or at least the interest in learning
  • Strong experience with SOAP and RESTful API's
  • Being able to work independently and autonomously where possible.
  • Interest in working with a variety of technologies; open source, commercial, etc - we work with anything that is thrown at us


  • Software Engineering Experience; perhaps you are looking for a bit more variety and customer facing experience
  • DevOps & Automation Experience (Orchestration/Continuous Dev)

About the Company

Rapid7’s mission is to lead the emerging SecOps movement with our multi-product analytics and automation cloud and expertise.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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