Systems Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

The Tableau Engineer is a fast paced position in a rapid growth enterprise environment. The ideal candidate is a person that strives to achieve excellence backed by strong architectural, system design, and automation experience.

We promote an upbeat and effective team environment within the fast-growing IT Healthcare Informatics industry. We are the foundation upon which Inovalon’s innovations are built that will change the future.


  • Discover, review, and influence new and evolving design, architecture, and standards for building and delivering reporting and visualization services and solutions;
  • Investigate, design, and implement best-in-industry, innovative Tableau server and desktop environments;
  • Become the expert for Tableau server administration activities at Inovalon;
  • Monitor Tableau server activity/usage statistics to identify performance issues/enhancements;
  • Contribute and implement service reliability and sustainability;
  • Interact with Enterprise Architects, other Engineers, and Vendors to develop and execute plans for complex systems backed by excellence, confidence, and thorough engineering analysis;
  • Develop, gather, and leverage metrics to manage the server fleet and complex computing systems to drive automation, improvement, and performance;
  • Upgrade server software on a quarterly basis and perform patching as necessary;
  • Contribute to production system development from requirements to release, including detailed design, analysis, testing, and optimization; and
  • Perform research and rapidly learn new technologies and paradigms to solve complex technical problems.

Skill Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience with Tableau as an administrator, including providing installation, administration, configuration, maintenance, performance monitoring, and tuning support;
  • 5+ years’ of experience with complex computing platforms and cutting-edge technologies involving virtualization, distribution, and high performance computing;
  • 3+ years of experience designing and implementing commercial off the shelf technologies;
  • Tableau Server Qualified Associate Certification or higher;
  • Strong technical writing and documentation skills to produce system architecture diagrams and standard operating procedures;
  • Good understanding of Active Directory, DNS, Load Balancers and Network Firewalls;
  • Familiarity with other technologies such as Hadoop, SQL Server, and SharePoint are a plus;
  • Bachelors degree (at a minimum) in Computer Science, technical field, or equivalent experience; and
  • Extensive knowledge of existing industry standards, technologies, and infrastructure operations.

About the Company

Inovalon: Empowering Data-Driven Healthcare Inovalon is a leading technology company providing an integrated cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to implement large-scale highly sophisticated data-driven initiatives.

At the core of healthcare today is the need to aggregate and analyze large amounts of disparate data, garner meaningful insight from the results, and use these insights to drive material change to outcomes and economics.

The industry-leading capabilities of the Inovalon ONE® Platform empower our clients and partners to succeed by leveraging extensive industry connectivity, massive primary-source real-world datasets, sophisticated analytics, and powerful cloud-based technologies to improve the outcomes and economics of healthcare. From payers and providers to life sciences organizations and pharmacy solution providers, virtually anyone who participates in the healthcare ecosystem can benefit from our powerful Platform capabilities.

  • For health plans, our Platform provides analytics and insights to improve operational transparency, clinical quality metrics, risk-score accuracy, patient engagement, outcomes and economic performance.
  • For providers, our Platform delivers real-time data and analytics that simplifies the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare, and enables actionable insights to drive improved quality of care and informed decision making at the point of care.
  • For life sciences companies, our Platform empowers health economics and outcomes research, the identification of optimal treatment protocols, ideal commercialization strategies, and outcomes-based contracting.
  • For pharmacy organizations, our Platform delivers efficiencies and differentiation throughout the enterprise from referral to delivery to ongoing care, speeding time to treatment, reducing costs of operations, improving patient care and economics.

How to apply

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