Technical Support Engineer

  • Contract: Full-time

Job Description

Proxyclick is an international SaaS scale-up delivering a solution which is transforming the way people are welcomed to offices around the world. In 2018, over 10 million people at thousands of companies (including Airbnb, Audi, Dimension Data, L’Oréal, and Pepsico) used our apps across the globe, making the world a more positive place, one meeting at the time.

We're looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our US team in this remote position.

In this role, you’ll partner with our US clients to solve their technical (and less technical) issues, diagnose and report problems they face, and serve as the technical bridge between our US operations and our Product and Tech team (mainly based in Europe). You will also support the US sales team on technical questions important leads or clients have.

This is a very hands-on, broad, and cross-functional role.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Respond quickly and effectively to requests for tech support from users through phone, email and live chat
  • Reproduce, investigate, debug and fix any issues, using DB queries, logs and monitoring tools
  • Set up screen-sharing sessions with end user when necessary (e.g. to look at the browser logs or to fix printing issues that might have local causes
  • File bug reports and escalate where appropriate
  • When there are no tech questions to answer, help your teammates by answering less technical questions from users
  • Ensure flawless integration with other systems and apps of our large clients, including identity management (SSO and User Provisioning), other SaaS products and internal systems (e.g. Access Control Systems)
  • Attend selected conference calls with large clients and prospects (together with Sales) and answer technical questions (e.g. on security)
  • Respond to developer questions about our integration tools and APIs
  • Contribute to Proxyclick technical documentation (API doc, Help Center)

Skill Requirements

  • Prior experience working as a Technical Support Engineer
  • Very good understanding of web services, including transport (primarily HTTP), common data formats (JSON and XML), and standard API patterns (e.g. REST)
  • A real passion for interacting with and helping a high volume of customers who range from experienced developers to non-technical users
  • Very strong communication skills. Ability to explain technical issues and resolutions succinctly and clearly
  • Knowledge of network configurations and printer setup
  • Experience with LDAP and FTP
  • Based in a timezone that has a minimum of two hours overlap with CET (Paris)
  • Native-level English (verbal and written)

About the Company

We take the stress out of business meetings

Every day, around the world, millions of people meet each other at offices either as the guest or the host of a business meeting. Unfortunately, the experience of getting to the meeting, finding the right building, waiting at reception, signing-in and tracking down your contact is often frustrating, time-consuming, flawed and, frankly, a mess.

At Proxyclick we all experienced firsthand the discomfort that often comes with corporate meetings. We saw important meetings cut short because we wasted time finding a parking spot or waiting at reception for our host to be located in the building.

Millions of people have to deal with frustrating business meeting logistics every day. Added up, that’s a huge amount of stress. We want to do something about it.

Connect with confidence

We want to optimize the millions of connections people are making every day in the corporate world. After all, business meetings are people meetings too.

So we decided to get rid of this ridiculous process, retire the paper logbook, and simplify and streamline the visitor journey. We have designed customizable and intuitive web based software that manages visitors to your offices, from invitation to sign-out.

With these tools, we help you create a great first impression, build richer professional relationships and have better, more productive meetings. We help you connect with confidence.

We like technology but we like people more

Proxyclick’s visitor management system goes beyond updating the visitor experience or providing a secure check-in. By putting people at the center of what we do, we aim to humanize and personalize our tools, by making them beautiful, easy to use, intuitive and unintrusive. In fact, the less you notice us, the better.

How to apply

Apply for this job online using the link below.

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